Wedding Cake Pricing

Cake tastings at The Village Patisserie include custom designing your flavors and sketching out your design with our pastry chef, Dave Knight. He will spend as much time with you as it takes to make sure the cake is as special as your special day. Call to schedule a time that works for you and up to four guests.

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Your custom cake tasting at the Village Patisserie

Larger event cakes and weddings have a "reserve my date" deposit. These events also come with a personal design meeting and tasting. Simple cakes must be ordered 2-3 days in advance. Wedding and Extravagant cakes are generally ordered 3-4 months in advance (but don't worry, if it is possible to accommodate you, we always make an exception).

Payment is accepted by CREDIT, CASH or CHECK.

Wedding Cake Pricing

Traditional Swiss Buttercream is $6.50 a serving.

Fondant is $7.00 a serving.



Extravagant Occassion Cakes and Groom Cakes

Traditional Swiss Buttercream is $5.50 a serving.

Fondant is $6.00 a serving.

Simple Occassion Cakes (sheet cakes)

Cake prices start at $20. We offer round cakes from 6" to 24"and rectangle cakes from 1/4 sheet to a full sheet. Edible images are an additional $5 and Fondant decorations are priced according to the design.

Serving Chart

If you are a Colorado resident, we provide you with a fresh cake for your First Anniversary free of charge. If you choose to use our equipment (cake columns, cake plates, boards, mirrors etc.) a refundable equipment deposit is required. As soon as we get back the undamaged equipment we refund the deposit.

Size     Round    Oval    Square    Hexagon    Petal 
6" 8 10 12 8 8
8" 18   25    
9"       16 16
10" 25 20 40    
12" 45 36 60 40 24
14" 65   80    
15"       60 64
16" 80 60 100